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progress update

26 Nov

Construction has been going on for about 2 weeks now in our master bathroom, office, bedroom, and master closet! It was supposed to be done this week but that isn’t happening (does any construction project ever finish on time??!) There isn’t a whole lot of visual progress that is super exciting – just old walls torn down, new walls put up, drywall, stuff demoed, etc…but here are a few peeks taken with my phone!

In love with these pendant lights for my office, from IKEA – they are the Ranarp line. They look much more expensive than they were ($25 each!) Planning to paint just the ceiling in my office a minty blue green color!


We are having a huge custom vanity made for the master bathroom remodel, and this photo is the inspiration! We will see how it turns out…


We also got a new roof last week – and we are redoing the dormers as the first step in “modernizing” the exterior of our very traditional looking house. Before on the right, in progress on the right! It’s amazing what a difference just a chance of the dormer roof can make!


Oh, and this was our yard most of last week – construction is not for the faint of heart! All cleaned up now though!frontyard

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