making progress (sort of)…

14 Nov

A lot has happened in the past few weeks (good and bad)! Just days before we were going to be eligible to apply for the loan for the addition/remodel (their requirement was 1 year after purchase of the home) Mike lost his job, suddenly and unexpectedly. Womp, womp. We made a quick but difficult decision to nix the addition – we loved what was planned but there were just so many obstacles we felt like maybe someone was trying to tell us something! So, we decided to proceed with making it work and remodeling the house as is…it’s smaller than we’d like but we are considering it a challenge to make the most of the existing space (about 1630sf).

So, my first order of business was to start work on bedroom/bathroom on the lower level – namely DEMO (my favorite thing). I’m 8 months pregnant and in full nesting mode, so I couldn’t wait to start tearing stuff out to progress towards a finished master bedroom, bathroom, and closet. Downstairs on the main level there are 2 bedrooms and a bathroom, each bedroom with a tiny closet (circa 1961). We decided to use the bigger bedroom as a master, convert the 2 closets into part of the bedroom, and split the 2nd bedroom in half to make 1/2 walk in closet and 1/2 small office for me (since I work from home).

2nd bedroom post carpet and trim removal


hallway leading to the bedrooms during carpet removal


hallway after carpet remodel (already so much better!)demo3

I’m happy to say that we met with and hired a contractor on Saturday, and he started work on Monday! We planned to just hire someone to do the framing and prep work (since I’m so preggo I can’t help much), but he was quite convincing to do it all and his price was great. So, we went for it. It is quite exciting that we will have these rooms finished in about 2 weeks as opposed to the 2 months or more it would have taken us to do it ourselves!

Here are a few more before photos of the spaces.




HALLWAY before027_westterrace

MASTER BEDROOM before029_westterrace

GUEST BEDROOM before (will become walk in close and office)035_westterrace

Stay tuned – lots of progress pics to come! Demo is in full effect!

Here is a little sneak peek of what we have planned for the bathroom!


zoey’s mod big girl room – in progress

9 Oct

Zoey’s room is really coming together! It’s functional enough that she has moved in – though we still have a few major projects left in there before it is complete:

1 – New windows. The old windows are in desperate need of replacement – it get’s super hot up there in the afternoons. We ordered the windows and they are in

2 – Window coverings once the new windows are put in – some sort of solar or roller shades…

3 – Curtain panels to cover the closets. We were going to just replace the old closet doors or repaint the doors we pulled out, but they were too damaged. But, I thought for a softer look and easier access we would go with curtains.

4 – Wallpaper on the feature wall – wallpaper

5 – A Door! She currently has no door – we need to order a new door and install a doorknob/lever ๐Ÿ™‚

6 – A completed bed! Still need to get this bad boy painted and then reupholstered! For now her mattress/box spring are on the floor, bachelor pad style ๐Ÿ™‚

beds by john widdicomb


Here are some photos of her room where it’s at now – really love it! I pulled a lot of brass accent pieces that I had in storage for decor, and I love the way they look. Also, the little gilded gold table will be replaced – it’s awesome looking but not very stable/sturdy…so it’s just sitting in as a placeholder for now.











Closets in need of curtains to cover the craziness…


Craigslisted shelving makeover

3 Oct

Just wanted to share a makeover that I’m proud of! I bought this adorable shelving unit on CL last year and it has been waiting for it’s makeover for months now! I finally got around to painting it a lovely medium dark gray and I added some new pulls from Anthropologie. I tossed the old dated pulls and updated it with adorable brass owl pulls on the top set of drawers, and the mid century looking brass pulls on bottom set of drawers! Then, I filled it with some brass decor and other fun items for Zoey’s big girl room, and there we have it! More sneak peeks from Zoey’s room in progress coming next week ๐Ÿ™‚





mid century chairs before and after

25 Sep

Wow, two posts in one week? Crazy ๐Ÿ™‚

I figured I would start sharing some more furniture before and afters since I have been redoing a ton of cool stuff both for personal use and for my etsy shop Retrospective!! One of my most favorite things to do is transform pieces that have great lines but are in bad shape into something amazing!

Here are some fun mid century chairs that I just picked up today from the upholsterer. They were in ROUGH shape before – lots of stains on the original fabric and the padding was pretty much nil. New padding and a fun mid century retro navy and ivory fabric and they are like new! I have three of them total so not enough for a dining set, but would make great lounge/occasional accent chairs in a living room seating area or as a pair of chairs at the heads of a dining table. Oh the possibilities ๐Ÿ™‚


we have flooring!

23 Sep

We’ve been working hard the last few weeks making final prep for the carpeting to go in upstairs. We worked last weekend on installing, puttying and caulking all the new trim and all last week on painting it. I decided to go for a cool dark gray trim (Sherwin Williams Grizzle Gray)ย  in Zoey’s room with white walls (and some wallpaper coming soon!) and white trim in Cash’s room (haven’t decided yet what treatment or color we will paint those walls). Zoey’s room has been the priority since she has been basically ‘camping out’ since we moved in (last October!!) in one of our extra bedrooms downstairs. We also painted Zoey’s built in bookshelves and window seat the same trim color, and sprayed her entire closets in the gray. The flooring is a gray shag carpet from Home Depot – it is the Platinum Plus brand in Enticing II – color is quarry. We love it, it’s modern, really soft and plush. Here are some before and after pics – what a difference!!

Top of stairs (before)


Top of stairs (after)_G5A3899

Cash’s room (before)












Zoey’s room (before)








after (we will be adding curtains as closet doors)


ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย ย  We aren’t quite done – we still need closet doors for Cash’s room and curtain doors for Zoey’s room. We also need doors and levers for both rooms – we wanted to reuse the old doors and just paint them, but they were all chipped up and in bad shape. We also have plans to put in new windows – we are saving up for that…

Zoey’s big girl room in the works

9 Sep

I’ve got some big plans for changing Zoey’s room up from her pink, gray and yellow baby room to her big girl room! Here is a pic of her baby room at the old brady bunch house right before we moved. We are keeping the mid century modern white dresser, but most everything else (furniture) in her old room is finding a new home as of now (and the crib will be moving into Cash’s room).


And a pic of her new room (before we started any work in there) here at West Terrace. I LOVE the reading/window nook/dormer! So far we have pulled out the nasty carpet and all the trim and closet doors, patched primed and painted the walls (a fresh white), put in a new ceiling fan, and put in new modern trim. Carpet should be going in within a couple weeks and it will be a modern gray shag. I tried to press for laminate or wood flooring but Mike is really into carpet in the upstairs bedrooms for sound dampering and comfort. He won ๐Ÿ™‚


Zoey’s a girly girl so we will still be incorporating pink (a dark sophisticated pink) into her new room, with accents of gray and gold! It will be a little mod, a little retro/mid century, and fun! I’m quite excited to add some gold into the room – Mike isn’t a fan so this is really the only room in the house where I can get away with it ๐Ÿ™‚

Of course, I plan to wallpaper an accent wall in the room. I’m thinking either the actual nook or the two side walls surrounding the book that curve into the ceiling…I also plan to paint the bookcases a dark gray.

Here are some wallpaper options I’m toying with. I think this first one, pink toile, is the winner. It’s fun, whimsical, and a little mid century modern and retro! It’s from Spoonflower – a site which I discovered last week and I’m obsessed. You can design your own wallpaper/fabric, but if you’re like me and just want to pick designs from others, you can do that too. There are so many options! I’ve been looking for wallpaper for Zoey’s room for months and hadn’t really found anything I loved until I found these.


I also love this option harmony gray and coral, maybe as a fabric instead of a wallpaper…some pillows for the bed?


And this one is super cool too! Foxen coral


I also love this as a wall accent color (maybe in the nook surrounded by the wallpaper)? The color according to the source is Eros Pink by Sherwin Williams.



I also ordered a pair of these kids S chairs from overstock when they were having their labor day sale last week. So fun! babyschair

And I plan to use them with this modern kids table from overstock.whitetable

One of these John Widdicomb beds will be Zoey’s new big girl bed. I bought them off Craigslist very early on this year and they’ve been collecting dust since. I plan to spray the frame white and reupholster in a pink, grey, or gold. I can’t make up my mind on this one!

beds by john widdicomb

And I love this art by Inaluxe for her room! blossom

So, that’s the plan. Let’s hope it comes together like it is in my head ๐Ÿ™‚

DIY vintage industrial light fixture

23 Aug

So, while we’ve been making very little progress with regards to the addition that is still in the works (we are waiting, waiting, and waiting for subcontractors to get their revised bids in so we can turn everything into the bank) we are making progress on little things…I’ve been working on the upstairs bedrooms and staircase – they are all primed and Zoey’s room is painted and has a new ceiling fan and closet rods. Cash’s future room will be painted inย  the near future (haven’t decided the color scheme yet but we have an adventure/travel theme!) Photos coming soon of that progress. It’s AMAZING what a coat of primer (to cover all the nasty stains) and pulling out some equally nasty old carpet can do.

In the staircase area – there is an old, hideous wall sconce that I accidentally on purpose painted with the sprayer. Oops. So it just had to be replaced. A while ago I fell in love with a mid century looking old fan front/grill at the antique mall. I knew it would make a cool light fixture, just wasn’t sure where or how. So, I found a porcelain light socket at Home Depot (less than $2) along with an Edison style bulb and put Mike to work installing. Then, I mounted the vintage fan front on the wall around the fixture. I love the result – modern, vintage and industrial.

You can hardly see the old fixture in the photo right below, but it’s the brighter white spot on the staircase wall.




And here is the replacement vintage industrial wall sconce. I love how it turned out! It makes me happy to see it walking in the house (until I see the hideous green floral carpet that still needs to be pulled up)!




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