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staircase redo

10 Feb

From when we bought our house, I have been itching to pull that hideous green 1980’s carpet off of the stairs and completely redo them! Finally we had that chance and boy do they look different! The carpet was pulled up and all of the nails and tacks removed. The old handrail was wobbly and was also torn out. The treads themselves were in great condition and were a really nice oak, so we decided to stain them a warm gray. Then, we tiled the risers with a mottled turquoise penny round tile from Love the final result!

The hideous before and during. Note the Krispy Kreme used to bribe the workers.022014update_0016


The treads look a lot more green in the photo than in real life.


a quick update

13 Jan

I have oh so many updates and so little time – so this will be a quick one! Here is what’s been happening the past 6 weeks in a nutshell…phase 1 remodel work continues – master bedroom/closet and tiny office is done, master bathroom is *almost* done. Phase 2 is well underway – which consists of a total redo of the kitchen, living and dining areas, staircase, front wall and back walls of the house, all new siding, etc. Oh, and in the middle of it all I had a baby (4 weeks early)! Cash Maddox Banks was born 12/10/13! This was right in the middle of phase 1 and everything at our house was in total chaos so the timing was nowhere near ideal. They completed the master bedroom and closet just in time for us to come home from the hospital. Our home continues to be pure chaos though and with an infant it is nowhere near ideal, but we are making it work and ready for it to be done so we can have some sort of normalcy!

Here are a few quick pics of some of the completed but empty spaces before we moved stuff in…

Looking from master bedroom into what used to be 2 back to back closets (for the 2 rooms) bradybunchremodel122013_0005

Room divided in half, the far right made into a master closetbradybunchremodel122013_0008

Some details…love the modern door levers and affordable closet fixtures!bradybunchremodel122013_0004

Other half of the spare bedroom became my officebradybunchremodel122013_0006

Office – view from the other sidebradybunchremodel122013_0007

the ones that got away…

2 Oct

Well, this week we are packing non-stop because we are moving on Monday!  I still can’t really believe it – I’m sad and excited at the same time. This is the house that we brought Zoey home from the hospital, I think we will always have a special place in our hearts for it. But, we are ready to move onto bigger and better things (well not bigger, the new house is actually smaller) but we can walk Zoey to a great school when it is time for Kindergarten.

Before the big reveal of photos of the new (old) house, I wanted to share some of the ones that got away. We spent 2 months of the summer looking at houses on and off – I think we saw about 25 or so total. We looked in lots of areas, lots of sizes, and lots of styles…and didn’t rule anything out until we saw it. A few things we learned quickly is that we really couldn’t live in a new “cookie cutter” type house, and we also couldn’t live in something that someone else had already remodeled, because we are way too picky for that! There were a few houses that we put on our short list though, but they all went pending or under contract before we had sold our house (and we didn’t want to make an offer until we had a contract on our house)…



This one was our favorite – we actually made a contingent offer on it before we sold our house but the seller didn’t want to accept a contingent offer. It sat on the market all summer long and then, of course, sold just days before we put out house up for sale. Oh, well, it wasn’t meant to be. We loved this house because of the area (near Mueller, great schools), the style (very cool mid century modern ranch with a really cool stone exterior), and the size (5 bedrooms!). It needed a total update, but had been very well cared for. Whoever got this one is a lucky person, it has so much potential! (note, all of these pics are from the MLS, I slacked and didn’t bring my real camera to any tours)…

LOVE the decorative block half wall!

This original bathroom was SO cute and in great condition, we wouldn’t have changed a thing.


This one was in the area we really loved, but it also went pending quickly. While it was a charming 60s ranch, it didn’t have nearly as much character as the house on Pershing and was also a lot more expensive because of the area. But, it had great space and an amazing backyard. It needed all cosmetic updates as well, including kitchen, floors, you name it…

Hello hideous floor tile and ugly floral wallpaper…


This one we really wavered on – the location was AWESOME (very central Austin) and on paper the house was a great deal even though it backed to Mopac. But, the foundation condition was a little iffy and we didn’t like the updates that had been done (including the kitchen)…we considered making a low offer but decided to wait, and it too went pending before it was our time. We loved the original hardwoods throughout and the huge backyard and it had some great mid century lines on the front of the house that were sort of hidden. But, this one wasn’t meant to be either…

So, that’s it for our tour of the ones that got away! In the end, I think it all happened as it should have and we ended up with a house that we are very excited about the potential of…though the potential is pretty hard to see as it is now. Photos coming soon!



Mid century chair revamp

2 Apr

I’ve been MIA these last few weeks – we’ve been super busy with life in general and it likely isn’t slowing down soon! As a result, we also haven’t really done anything here at the Brady Bunch casa, but we hope to start up again with some projects once we have the time and the money (hopefully in a few months). I wanted to share the before and after photos of the mid century chairs I bought for staging at the Agave house (which by the way has a contract(contingent on their home sale) on it, yay!). I found these chairs on Craigslist for a steal and while I love the lines of the chairs, the dated 80’s upholstery definitely needed to be ditched.Image 



So, I went on the search for a suitable fabric. I wanted something bold, fun, and maybe with a mid century feel. While looking at Fanny’s Fabrics (which if you’re in Austin is a great boutique source for modern, unique fabrics) I came across THE fabric and I knew it was the one. So, I bought the fabric (2 yards which later I was told barely worked for all 6 chairs) and took them to my favorite local upholsterer (Cardenas Upholstery). I love the end result. I love them so much I want to keep them. But, I can’t because I don’t need them or have room for them. So I’ll likely sell them on Craigslist once we get closer to the closing date for the house sale. Here is the finished product!





I will say I thought about reupholstering them myself to save a little money, and I likely could have done so. But, Cardenas only charged about $20/chair to upholster them and I wanted to keep the cording on the bottom of the chair and I knew that wasn’t something I could handle on my own. So glad I did, I think the edging really finishes them off! I love the way they turned out, and I especially love the way they contrast with the white lacquered West Elm dining table!

please keep central texas in your thoughts and prayers

6 Sep

This is what we have been dealing with in Central Texas over the holiday weekend (photo credit to Deanna Roy) – this is a city of Austin skyline shot with the fires South of Austin in Bastrop raging and filling the sky with smoke.

High winds (but ironically not a drop of rain) brought on by the hurricane along with a severe drought (no measurable rain in 6+ months) has led to fires popping up all over the place. SO many people have lost their homes, it’s devastating. We are so lucky to be about 25 miles away from the horrible Bastrop fire, but we are still of course on alert. Please do a rain dance for us, we need it so badly!


2 Sep

well, sorta…we spent all day tearing out more stuff and creating a huge mess! demo is a bit addicting, it is fun to tear out walls…it’s just the putting back part that i imagine is hard. we won’t be doing that part though 🙂

our labor day was spent, well, laboring…a lot. it was the longest and most exhausting workday we’ve had at the house so far, a full day. we got a lot done! we tore out the rest of the wall between the kitchen and dining, mike  tore out the railing separating the sunken living and dining (it will be replaced), we tore out the coat closet in the entry which will become a much larger entry area, we tore out the wall between the kitchen and what will be my office to create a pass thru, and we tore out the strangely deep storage closet in the kitchen and thought of a better use for that space. last but definitely not least, we rented this vibrating hammer thing (i’m so technical!) to tear out the kitchen and bathroom tile. wow, was that a lot of work!! and backbreaking. and very, very messy. but we’re done! now we need to do cleanup and trash haul off and there is an end in sight for the demo process.

now we just need to find some money to put it back together again!

did i mention our current house is for sale?? 🙂


4 Aug

I just wanted to share a few photos that I’ve grabbed off the web that we’re using as inspiration.

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