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beer can chicken!

16 Jul

I’ve been wanting to make beer can chicken for a long while now…I’ve actually never roasted a turkey or any kind of entire animal so I figured a chicken was a good place to start. When I told this to Mike, he said I should have started with a quail. hahaha. Funny Mike. Anyways, it turned out awesome. I used this recipe with a few modifications. Instead of all the special spices I used the Weber brand beer can chicken seasoning. Easy peasy.

I washed the chicken, took out the innards (yuck!), patted it dry, and then sprinkled it inside and out with the seasoning. Then, I pulled the skin apart from the meat a little and stuck a couple slices of bacon in between the skin and the breast. Lastly, I stuffed some chopped garlic in for good measure. I followed the instructions for baking and this was the result (paired with fresh steamed sweet corn). Yum. I will definitely make this again.

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