breakfast nook banquette!

20 Feb

Today I just wanted to share a quick before and after of our breakfast banquette. We found it on Craigslist probably about 18 months ago, in desperate need of new padding and upholstery. At the time we didn’t have a spot for it to go, but I just had to have it. It’s been taking up (a lot of) space in our garage since then. I was SO Happy to drop it at the upholsterer, and even more excited to pick it up and actually bring it into the house and start using it! More pics to come of it in it’s spot, but for now here is the before and after. They did an amazing job. Our upholsterer does a lot of car/boat upholstery, so despite this being a pain in the a#%$ to redo (he told us so) – he had a ton of leather looking vinyl swatches to choose from. I selected a very smooth leather like medium gray vinyl and I just love it. It looks/feels just like leather and it’s so easy to clean. FYI, he used about 12 yards vinyl and at about $17/yd it came to $200 for materials plus the actual upholstery labor was $900. All the tufting as you can imagine is very time consuming. I can’t imagine how much some other places in town would have charged, because our upholsterer is VERY reasonable.



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