a quick update

13 Jan

I have oh so many updates and so little time – so this will be a quick one! Here is what’s been happening the past 6 weeks in a nutshell…phase 1 remodel work continues – master bedroom/closet and tiny office is done, master bathroom is *almost* done. Phase 2 is well underway – which consists of a total redo of the kitchen, living and dining areas, staircase, front wall and back walls of the house, all new siding, etc. Oh, and in the middle of it all I had a baby (4 weeks early)! Cash Maddox Banks was born 12/10/13! This was right in the middle of phase 1 and everything at our house was in total chaos so the timing was nowhere near ideal. They completed the master bedroom and closet just in time for us to come home from the hospital. Our home continues to be pure chaos though and with an infant it is nowhere near ideal, but we are making it work and ready for it to be done so we can have some sort of normalcy!

Here are a few quick pics of some of the completed but empty spaces before we moved stuff in…

Looking from master bedroom into what used to be 2 back to back closets (for the 2 rooms) bradybunchremodel122013_0005

Room divided in half, the far right made into a master closetbradybunchremodel122013_0008

Some details…love the modern door levers and affordable closet fixtures!bradybunchremodel122013_0004

Other half of the spare bedroom became my officebradybunchremodel122013_0006

Office – view from the other sidebradybunchremodel122013_0007

One Response to “a quick update”

  1. Jadetatsu January 14, 2014 at 2:00 am #

    Its looking good 🙂

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