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remodel plans and updates

3 Feb

Shame on me, it’s been SO very long since I last posted. Not for lack of trying, but I’ve been busy, busy trying to finish editing all of my pre-xmas wedding and portrait shoots as well as working on a super secret business Mike and I are starting together. Well, it was super secret but I recently announced it on facebook, so it isn’t so secret anymore. We are starting Retrospective, which will be a vintage event rentals company here in Austin – offering vintage, eclectic, mid century, industrial, mod, shabby chic and overall cool lounge seating, furniture, bars, accessories, and tabletop for one of a kind events, weddings, shoots, commercials, staging and anything else you can think of. We’re really excited about the new venture, since it combines our love for design, my love for finding amazing pieces, and my background in weddings and events! Here is a link to our facebook page for the company (website coming soon). Please like us! Retrospective

Here are a few sneak peeks of some items we’ve picked up for Retrospective. I’ve been an estate sale, Craigslist shopping, Ebaying fool these past few months!






We’ve also got a ton of projects in the work to be reupholstered/refurbished for Retrospective – here are a few of those pre-makeover!




In the meantime, we have been finalizing plans for our addition/remodel. The plans were finalized in December, and we had to take them to an engineer to get some structural drawings and an engineer stamp. That was done, and then our contractor took them to the city for a review the first week of January. We found out that they needed some revisions/additions to the details, so our architect met with a very experienced architect for review. That architect will stamp our plans, since Alex and Kelsey/ Line and Box haven’t yet met the requirements to do that. So, right now we are waiting for the final round of revisions to be complete, for the architect to stamp our plans, and we will officially submit for permitting. And then…we wait some more, and more. The City of Austin is notoriously slow, and backlogged, so it will be 2+ months for permits. Here are some renderings of the front and back exterior of the house!

Exterior Back of the house on top, Exterior Front of house below


And for reference here is the current exterior front of the house:


And current exterior back of the house:




And here are some renderings of the interior living/kitchen areas!bidcds-9

That’s all I’ve got for now – now that it’s slow season with the photography side of things I will try to post a bit more frequently!

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