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craigslist finds…

31 Aug

I am lusting after these Craigslist finds here in Austin! But alas, I don’t need any of these items I just covet them 🙂 So will someone else please hurry up and buy them so I can stop looking at them and trying to figure out a way to convince Mike that we need any more furniture?

Mid century chair $125 OBO

Mid century hutch, a STEAL at $220

Mid century dresser, $240 (we have a credenza very similar to this shown below far left, we LOVE it, it was my 30th birthday gift to myself!)

Mid century bamboo style metal chairs $100 for set of 3 (I would paint the frames white or a bold yellow and recover in a coordinating fabric)

our last vintage letter arrived!

31 Aug

Here they are! Overall we love them but are unsure about a few things…

1 – The K is really small. Too small? We couldn’t find another K that we liked that wasn’t crazy expensive…

2 – We have the opposite problem with the S. Is it too large or does the large A balance it out enough?

3 – Love the B, love the N, and love the A too but it’s sort of pink. I love pink, but maybe not in our main living area. We are thinking of spray painting it a bold yellow. Would that be just wrong? I hate to lose the “worn” vintage feel of it, so I’m torn…

4 – We are thinking of hanging them in the space right above our front door…thoughts?

using vintage sign letters

27 Aug

Just wanted to share a sneak peek of what we are working on next – we wanted to spell our last name in letters from vintage signs and hang it in our dining room. We were inspired by the HGTV show Home by Novogratz where they often using vintage letters to spell words on their walls. All of the letters were ordered from Etsy and they are all white or silver to try to keep it cohesive even though they are all different sizes and fonts. For now, here is a sneak peek! We are still waiting on one letter to arrive, and then we’ll get it on the wall!

our very own IKEA hack! (sort of)

24 Aug

I wanted to post about our very own IKEA hack! For a long while now we’ve been looking for tall-ish planters to flank the left of our front door entry outside our house. We considered a custom long, tall metal planter like these by Sarabi Studios but unfortunately it was just more than we were able to spend.

We also looked at already made metal planters but we just couldn’t find any that were tall enough…

See that drop off onto our front patio to the left of the front door, between the green post and the door? That is where we wanted planters – to sort of highlight the entrance to the house AND to keep kiddos from accidentally stepping off our entry walk.

So, while browsing IKEA one day looking for options, we found these – the Kardemumma series of plant pots (say that three times fast!). We loved the simplicity of them, the color (they only come in white which goes perfectly with our new horizontal slat wall) and the mid century looking raised pattern on them. The largest size (9 1/2″ base diameter) was just perfect but they were too short.

So, Mike came up with a genius idea to glue them to each other, base to base…to make them taller and to create an awesome mid-century looking shape. Here is one after gluing – we used liquid nails for a solid hold. Worked like a charm.

Then, I made a trip to the local succulent nursery – East Austin Succulents to find some pretty succulents to plant – and bonus that they don’t require much water since we are in the midst of a very long drought here in Austin. Oh, and they are generally hard to kill (I knock on wood as I say that)! They had a pretty amazing selection, it was almost overwhelming. But, I picked out my favs (including one that the owner had dubbed his ‘crown jewel’)…

Then, we got to work planting! Once we planted them, we used some dark grey river rocks (50% off at Hobby Lobby that week) to cover up the dirt. I’m weird about dirt in planters, I don’t like to see it. I like to cover it up with rocks. I guess I think it looks more modern. So, here is the result, which we finished just in time for Zoey’s party! I think it will look much more amazing once our siding is complete and we have our canary yellow door to set it off.

no progress to report and happy about it!

22 Aug

This weekend we didn’t do a darn thing to the house, inside or outside, and it was awesome. We slept in, had cuddle time in bed with Zoey, went vintage shopping (but didn’t buy anything!), watched movies on tv, and went swimming. We really needed a weekend like this since we’ve spent every available weekend for the past two months working either on the outside patio makeover or doing something to the inside (we have a long list of little things on our main level that still need to be done and a few big things we’d like to do downstairs). But, in the meantime we’re getting ready to close on our small home improvement loan this week, and hopefully have our contractor redo our siding starting after labor day. Once that is done, and all painted, and we finally purchase furniture for our patio, we will consider our patio makeover complete. I expect that will be sometime in October – just in time for the cool weather that I am daydreaming of (hell0 68+ days of 100 degree or more temps, ugh).

In the meantime, I wanted to post just a few photos from Zoey’s birthday party last weekend! I had a fun time designing some of the elements and choosing the colors. It was fun to get crafty! I’m so lucky that with my day job (photographer) I get to be very creative, but sometimes I like to get crafty in other ways too.  Zoey’s birthday will be featured as a party feature in a coming issue of Austin Monthly Home magazine so I will save most of the pics until after it is published. But, in the meantime here are a couple snaps that I took of the decor (and the shots of Zoey are all by my amazing photographed friend Stacy Sodolak). And thanks to my lovely friend Gina with Clink for organizing the party for the photoshoot!

This is our favor bar – a candy bar! With pink and white animal cookies, homemade whoopie pies, assorted cookies from Tiff’s Treats, strawberry wafers, Banana now and laters, and rock candy! I made the flag banner.

Bubble favors with little labels that I made.

I also made these labels for the dessert bar! And yes, I am more than slightly obsessed with the chevron pattern right now. And yellow? Crazy that I used yellow, eh?

This flag banner is going to hang in Zoey’s room, as soon as I have a chance to hang it! The glittery letters are from Hobby Lobby.

I made these Oatmeal Whoopie Pies and I have to say they were pretty amazing. I’ll post the recipe soon!

Aren’t these goodie bags cute? From Sweet Estelle’s Baking Supply on etsy. I also got some cute small chevron patterned bags there as well as the striped paper straws which I am a little obsessed with (not pictured)

Oh, and we had a cupcake bar! So much fun, made to order cupcakes!

And here is the birthday girl herself, getting ready to dive into her ginormous cake that I made. (don’t look too close, it’s not that pretty). Let’s just say I’m not quitting my day job anytime soon! 🙂

The cake was made with LOVE. It took forever, and it was my first attempt to ever make a layered, tiered cake, and with fondant on top! It was hard to do!

And this is Zoey with her birthday present from us – a KidKraft vintage white kitchen. Isn’t it awesome? I want one in my size. Oh, and her dress is from the Baby Gap outlet and I am in love with it. I want it in my size!

Happy 1st Birthday Zoey!!

more pics of our built in

18 Aug

It isn’t complete (we need some more accessories to stage our built in) but it’s looking better! Here are some more pics of it – I love the pops of color with the turquoise and yellow accessories, we just need a few more…Homegoods here I come 🙂

I don’t know if the photo is large enough, but that is the weather guy on the tv and see that area of red where it says 103. That’s where I am, Austin. Lovely. Geez, is it October yet? Every August I feel like I can’t take any more of this weather (especially this year) and then it finally starts to cool off and I love my town again.

This is our fu dog from Homegoods. Love him.

Got this fun piece at the local antique mall for $5!

Got this vintage piece on my bachelorette trip a few years back in Maine! I love it when all of my favorite vintage items have a story.

This is another of my favorite mid century white pottery pieces, purchased at Uncommon Objects here in Austin.

This one was from Uncommon Objects also, if I remember correctly.

These may not stay here, but I like them for now. They are vintage milk glass ruffled edge plates that I purchased at an estate sale years ago.

A family photo along with a vintage piece that I got on ebay years ago.

See  those odd shaped triangular cubbies at the bottom? They will hold stacked bottles of wine for eventual drinking…

Love, love, love our wine fridges! One for red and one for white! Now we just need to get some good wine to put in there.

It’s a work in progress but we are loving it!

the super secret fabulous built in

15 Aug

Sorry for the long silence this week – we were crazy busy getting prepared for Zoey and Mike’s combined 1st and 41st birthday parties, respectively! Last year Mike turned 40 just a month after Zoey was born and we never really got a chance to properly celebrate because we were in the throes of no sleep with a newborn…so we thought it was appropriate to celebrate this year and kill two birds with one stone. Hence the dual parties.  It is actually also going to be featured in Austin Monthly Home magazine as part of their regular party how to feature – my good friend Gina with Clink Events planned it, my friend Stacy with SMS Photography photographed it, and I came up with the theme and colors and all of the graphics and Gina tweaked it. But more to come on that later this week, including some photos!

Last week I posted this sneak peek:

The sneak peek is a close up of the amazing built in shelving and tv cabinet that finally replaces this hole in the wall that we have been staring at for more than two years now:

And those dangling tv wires are just as attractive, aren’t they?! Not.

When we bought this house almost three years ago (I cannot believe it has been almost three years) this hole in the wall was a strange, hideous, and poorly built pantry as seen in this photo on the far right:

I will say the previous owners did really try to make the old kitchen look cute (cute mid century staging goes a LONG way). However, there is only so much you can do. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig 😉

So Mike came up with this design to fill in the hole in the wall:

And for a year we have been saving up to get this built…and then we had the deadline of completing it for the birthday parties…because we did not want to have a big hole in the wall when all of our guests came (many for the first time) to see what we have done with the house in these past three years. So, finally everything came together, and we had my Uncle Tom (who also built our custom kitchen cabinets) build this for us. So off with the plans he went, and came back with this:

We taped it off and painted the last coat of white glossy oil based paint, and here we have the final install. It is made with birch plywood (painted a high gloss white) and the backing on the entire build is a walnut plywood. It coordinates with our kitchen but isn’t too matchy…Originally we were going to build the entire thing in walnut but then decided it would save some money in materials to just do the back in walnut, and building it in all walnut might just be too much wood going on. And I’m really glad we did, I love the modern contrast of the white with the walnut in the back.

Here is a closer shot – as you can see on the top left we have 2 Frigidaire wine fridges – one for red wine and one for white wine. In the farright cabinet we have a surround for our mounted flat screen, and the shelves up above house the cable and DVD components…all of the cords go thru the central shelf.  The build in the middle is for display of our favorite items and is meant to tie the two builds together visually. The reason for the odd angle on the bottom is because this build is right above the staircase that goes to our second living area (den) and master bedroom.

Here is a fun progression of this area in photos:

More pics of the finished built in to come, including it set up and all staged and full of pretty things 🙂

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