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more progress

26 May

So the last few weeks have been very, very busy as we make lots of progress on the remodel. We’re getting to my favorite part, the decorating! We still have a lot of big things left – new windows, build out of the pantry opening in the kitchen, and installing all the interior doors and handles after Mike seals them, among other things. But, we see a light at the end of the tunnel!

CLICK ON THE PHOTO TO SEE THE ENTIRE IMAGE – the blog format is cropping them.

Here is a after, and before, of the upstairs living area – which used to be a dining room with a wall separating it from the kitchen. Now it is all one open space. Sofa and coffeetable from Four Hands, accessories from Homegoods (my favorite newly discovered store!)

Here is an after and before of the laundry room. We painted the old cabinets and added new modern knobs, added a new door to the garage, all new trim and baseboards, new washer/dryer, new tile flooring, had the walls smoothed (plastered) and painted a very light gray, added a new fun light fixture, and lastly added some funky wallpaper. Whew, it made me tired just to type that!

One of the old bedrooms is now baby girls room. It is still a work in progress, as we haven’t set up the crib and bedding yet, but here is what we have so far. In this room, we painted the walls a neutral gray, added all new trim and baseboards, and put in new gray shag carpet.

This old bedroom, which has an attached bath, is now our guest bedroom. In this room we painted the walls and added all new trim, and put in new shag carpet.

Here is our upstairs living room as it is right now. We’re still working on it.

A larger shot of the laundry room.

The baby girls room – vintage dresser from Uptown Modern (austin vintage store), yellow wall art from estate sale (was brass and I sprayed it yellow), fawn lamp from Urban Outfitters, daybed from West Elm, pillows from Target and Homegoods.

Vintage yellow tufted chair in the other corner of baby girls room.

Guest bedroom. Wall art from antique store, spray painted white, bed from West Elm, bedding from Pottery Barn, lamp from Homegoods, acrylic bedside table from CB2, and vintage chair from EBay!

we have a living room! and an office!

5 May

It’s been a busy few weeks as we have been making lots of small steps towards progress on the house. After the wood floor install was complete, we started installation of the baseboards and trim throughout the main level of the house. We’ve also ordered new windows for the baby’s room, the guest room, and the downstairs living room and new gray shag carpet for the baby’s room, guest bedroom, and the stairs going to the downstairs.  The kitchen backsplash tile is on the way so the installation of that will be our next big project, and apart from the kitchen pantry and cosmetic wallpaper installation on a couple walls in the kitchen, will complete the kitchen renovation! I never thought I would type those words!

Mike has also started to frame out the pantry which will contain storage for the kitchen on the front side and my office on the backside. That will probably be a couple more months in the making.

Here is a shot of the pantry/storage from my office. We are dividing it in half, and the half accessible to my office will have shelving for storage.

Here is the pantry from the kitchen, as well as a rendering of what the build out will look like. The space to the right of the pantry is for our new very thin LCD tv which will be viewable both from the kitchen and from the main level living area!

Rendering of the build out of the pantry for the kitchen access. (design concept done by Mike!)

We have a goal deadline for the majority of the renovations! August of this year – we plan to have a huge 40th birthday bash for Mike as well as a combined housewarming party! So, we’re working furiously towards meeting that deadline!

I’ve spent the last couple weeks moving my office from it’s temporary space in the downstairs living area to it’s permanent location in the room next to the kitchen. The move is complete and I’m so excited to have a permanent space! Here are a few pics of my new office and some before photos of the room before renovations (with existing window which we removed and replaced with french doors, as well as the closet which we removed to install a pocket door passageway into the kitchen.)

Before and after of the office! (click photo to view in full)

And lastly, last week we were determined to set up our downstairs living room, after it served as my office/makeshift kitchen/storage during the course of the remodel. It was SOOO nice to get all of the junk out of that room and set it up as an actual (mostly) finished space in which to live. So far in this room, before we moved in, we painted the fireplace mantles white, removed the carpeting and refinished the concrete floors, installed new trim, and painted all of the walls a light neutral gray). We still have some pretty major plans for this room (including new windows coming soon, curtains, a redo of the bar area – not pictured, new carpeting on the stairs and painting the stair railings white – also not pictured) but for now it is livable and I’m happy with the vintage look!

Here is a before and after of the room before we moved in, during the remodel, and now!

(click photo to view entire image)

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