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wood and lights

26 May

We had a busy Memorial Day – first we made a trip out to Luling area to follow up with a post we found on craigslist. I’ve been lusting after the gorgeous furniture on this site for months and came across an ad for some lumber for sale on craigslist. We went to check it out and it was bargain too good to pass up. So, another project on Mike’s list of projects is to make these pieces of wood into tables, benches, etc for the house – and we may sell the extra furniture that he makes to help fund some of our remodel.

After loading the wood into Mike’s trucking, hauling it home, and then loading it into the shed up and down our hilly yard many times, we were exhausted but we managed to put in a few lights in the upstairs (see photos). It really is starting to look like a house again and I love our sputnik lamp in the dining room and our nelson bubble lamp in the sunken living, and our can lights look pretty cool too.6I6H6422










drywall and paint!

22 May

Not only do we have new drywall completed, but we also have paint in most areas as well! It’s been a busy couple of weeks but we are loving it!

the view from the entrance


looking up from the sunken living room


looking towards the dining/kitchen from the sunken living


looking down into the sunken living


looking from the dining into the sunken living


looking from the entry into the dining and kitchen


looking from the kitchen towards my office



from the kitchen towards the dining and living and entry


the future kitchen


my office



19 May

Stay tuned later this week I’ll be posting pics of the finished and maybe even primed new drywall! The house looks so different and so modern now with all the changes we made, and it’s really starting to come together and we’re getting so excited! Last night Mike and I spent a while picking out paint colors and we didn’t even argue!

Now onto the topic at hand – wallpaper! I’m slightly obsessed with wallpaper right now and Mike really likes the idea of doing some accent walls with wallpaper – and I’ve been all over the internet researching options/patterns/suppliers, etc. So, I thought I would post my findings!

The favorite sites I have found for wallpapers have been (for most of these you can order samples for a nominal fee, which I highly recommend because it’s really easy to misinterpret the color or pattern on the screen):

Graham and Brown (lots of goodness here)

Walnut Wallpaper

Design your Wall (a good selection but you have to weed thru a lot of ugly options)

Wandrlust (I love Florence Broadhurst papers but you have to have a pretty penny for those!)

Flavor Paper (some really fun, funky ones here)

Here are some of the papers I really like:

This is the one we’ve chosen to go on the entry wall, in person the paper is more luminous. It’s really pretty.


I think we’re gonna put this paper on a wall in the kitchen.


This paper goes in the guest bathroom


And this one I like possibly for one wall in the laundry room…


The rest are ones that I really like as well.





ready for drywall!

4 May

So we are finally ready for drywall! We’ve finished all the preliminary plumbing (including moving kitchen plumbing), electrical (including changing out some older wiring and adding scone wiring in the dining room and adding a bunch of can lights in the kitchen and dining, framing (including taking out a closet to create an entry way, removing 2 walls to create a more open space, and creating a pocket door from the kitchen area into what is to be my office/study. We’ve got new insulation in now as well, so we just have to finish saving the rest of the money we need for drywall and we’ll be making some visible progress finally!

We’re working on finalizing our choices for kitchen cabinets as well as may not be doing IKEA after all. More to come on that soon!

Looking into the sunken living/dining/kitchen from the entry


Looking down into the sunken living room from the entry


Looking towards the front entrance


The view from the sunken living room – entrance on right, dining/kitchen to the left


Another view from the sunken living of the kitchen


The view into the dining and kitchen


Looking into the dining and down the hallway


The view from the kitchen into the dining on right and office straight ahead


The view from the office into the kitchen


The pantry on right and looking into the office


The office where we added french doors and the opening on the left will be converted into a closet/storage


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