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an update

19 Dec

Well finally I’m putting up an update. Things have been so hectic – we took our Agave house off the market and found a renter. We spent a lot of hours in the last month trying to finish the downstairs so we could move into that area. We’re still not done with  the downstairs (we still need new stair treads, new windows, and some new doors) but asthetically it is looking more like we envisioned. We’ve created a makeshift kitchen where the downstairs bar is, and my office is in that room as well. Our master bedroom is so huge that it easily fits our living room furniture as well as our bedroom set. Here are some pics!

Next in the process we have electrical work for the kitchen, a plumbing move, and a lot of framing and drywall before we can really start putting the kitchen back together. It’s gonna be a long haul but we’re excited and we actually LOVE living in the new house. It feels like home.

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