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new pics!

26 Sep

Things have been moving along slowly since we’ve almost completed the demo a couple weeks ago. We’ve started priming the downstairs living room that was once dark brown and a dark teal (which I liked, but not for that room because of the lack of light). We also primed one of the bedrooms that was previously a dark red. Here are some updated pics of the kitchen and sunken living areas.

We just completed our concrete floor refinishing – I’ll post pics of that soon. We had refinished (grinded, sealed, and waxed) the floors in the downstairs living and master bedroom, and in the sunken living.

Let’s see…I think we’ve decided on IKEA cabinets for budget reasons, so we’ve been working on sorting all that out. We had a Friday night of hell in IKEA last week where we sat there using their kitchen planner for hours and we got out of there without having a fight (IKEA seems to cause us to have fights) which was good…

Last week I went to Architerra in the Design Center at Penn Field here in Austin. They have a great selection of tile there and I fell in love with a black raised damasque tile for the flooring in the bathroom with the black tub. I also fell in love with a hexagon patterned glass tile for the other bathroom tub surround and I love this rectangular white marble tile for the floors – but Mike isn’t with me on that. We may have to compromise…something I am trying to be better at. I’ll post pics of all that once we made decisions…I can’t seem to find photos of them online.

progress…sort of

17 Sep

We’ve done a lot of work (mostly more demo and cleanup) since my last post…of course I’ve slacked and haven’t taken any photos, but I will next time.

Let’s see…we finished removing all the kitchen and bathroom tile floors, rem

oved all of the wood laminate flooring on the main level of the house and gave it away on craigslist (I love craigslist!), removed all of the baseboards which will be replaced with thicker, more modern ones, removed a few more carpet pieces that were in closets, removed those associated tack strips, moved all of the debris into the garage which was quite a task, and had some of the debris hauled off.

We had a horrible experience with the first “contractor” that we hired. We found a guy on craigslist who seemed friendly and professional and cheap to do haul off, and he underbid the job (after seeing it in person at that!) and in the middle of haul off told us it was gonna cost more. We reluctantly agreed, we had no other option. He took off with 1/2 the load and never showed back up again for the rest. We made an appt with him for another day to complete the job (after trying repeatedly to get in touch with him) and he never showed. My fiance got very angry and a lot of very unprofessional emails from him ensued. I’ll just say please save yourself the hassle and don’t hire Southside Hauling – Brandon is his name. We did learn some lessons from this experience – get bids in writing, and don’t pay in full and with cash until the job is completed. And, if it seems too good to be true it probably is. Recommendations from friends and colleagues are probably the best way to go – even if they cost more.

Anyways, we’re pretty much done with demo. Our next main task is to get the downstairs (master bedroom and 2nd living area) ready to move into in case we rent our house or sell it. We are trying right now to rent it out…because paying 2 mortgages is ROUGH. On Sunday we worked on priming the downstairs living – it looks so much cleaner and brighter already! We’ll do the same with the master bedroom next, and then we’ll hire someone to refinish the concrete flooring down there. There are more things we want to do down there, but for now those are the main things that need to be done to make it “liveable” for us.

Just last week we received the final designs on the kitchen and living areas remodel from Eric. So, right now, we’re meeting with cabinet makers and trying to flush out the kitchen remodel options. Picking out kitchen cabinets is difficult! The options we are considering are IKEA (the cheapest option and possibly what we may have to do based on budget and ability to use credit to get them), custom (we’ve been talking with three different custom makers), and some options sort of in between – a company based in San Franciso that does some cool cabinets that may be affordable, M8, and a company that does cool metal cabinetry, St Charles.

It is looking like IKEA would run us about 5k for the kitchen, custom walnut cabinets by a local cabinet maker would run around 10-11k, and St Charles would run around 11-12k. I’m not sure on M8 yet…

edited to add, we just received the quote from M8, 38k! wow!! IKEA is looking REALLY good right now…

Thats all for now…I’ll post some updated pics next time!


2 Sep

well, sorta…we spent all day tearing out more stuff and creating a huge mess! demo is a bit addicting, it is fun to tear out walls…it’s just the putting back part that i imagine is hard. we won’t be doing that part though 🙂

our labor day was spent, well, laboring…a lot. it was the longest and most exhausting workday we’ve had at the house so far, a full day. we got a lot done! we tore out the rest of the wall between the kitchen and dining, mike  tore out the railing separating the sunken living and dining (it will be replaced), we tore out the coat closet in the entry which will become a much larger entry area, we tore out the wall between the kitchen and what will be my office to create a pass thru, and we tore out the strangely deep storage closet in the kitchen and thought of a better use for that space. last but definitely not least, we rented this vibrating hammer thing (i’m so technical!) to tear out the kitchen and bathroom tile. wow, was that a lot of work!! and backbreaking. and very, very messy. but we’re done! now we need to do cleanup and trash haul off and there is an end in sight for the demo process.

now we just need to find some money to put it back together again!

did i mention our current house is for sale?? 🙂

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